Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Have you ever met , Mr. Serger?

I now had a couple of tee shirts under my belt , acknowledged that "NECKBANDS" despised my existence and reconciled that I Adored knits. As I sat pondering all these new facts - I was studying the tee shirt envelope and noticed at the bottom it said - OVERLOCK/serger ??????????????????? My wee brain was trying to clear the cobwebs long enough to turn to my beloved mentor with that "deer in the headlight" look I know she was learning to dread - AND - she introduced me to her - MR. SERGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWW - new magics made my heart pound once again and the things she could make Mr. Serger do - and FLY was one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like a race car heading down home stretch - trimming all those lovely edges as she went flying by. UTTTTT OOOOO - I was getting that "feeling" once again - and I knew I would have to figure a way to pull this off???? I mean, I was not getting ANY younger and time was flying by~

Watching Lynne I now was in "WATCH and LEARN " mode! Trying to take it all in - once again I was way out in "left field" and watching a "Mistress of the sewing magic" - the things she could do? I tried to pay close attention and hope some of "her" would drip off on me - I discovered a "Free Arm" was a detail that I liked- enabling me to work on sleeves and pants legs more easily. I loved the differential feed because I thought that would help me work with different types of fabrics and I HOPED to be able to work with "fancy threads" in the future???? Now I was armed with my search list and off I went. You know that saying , " a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"?????? Well, I was definitely a "dangerous thing" !

My trek took me back to Alpine to search the prices . Of course the new machines were out of my league and I asked that brave question once again - DO YOU HAVE ANY USED SERGERS? The did have one and it was a beauty and it would do EVERYTHING I desired and it was only $400.00. Not much - if you say it FAST????? My desire would have to wait a while.

Now my haunts turned to E-bay???? I watched and studied and did check all the other online stores.. Then one night my hubby was surfing the tv channels and on a home shopping network they showed a Brother 1034D, and when they mentioned that it even sewed with normal sewing machine needles - I thought that would be wonderful so I would not forget to keep the right needles - like icing on the cake !!!!

Now my hunt was on in serious and I was like a passionate ghost on E-bay Until one day I was at the right place at the right time and my bid landed me my very own Brother1034D serger for just over a hundred hard earned dollars from cleaning for a friend. Thank goodness for friends!!!!

The day Mr. Serger arrived I just could not believe it. I sat and stared at the box - afraid of this new "creature" inside the box. I finally decided IF I ever hoped to pull off some of these future dreams and do anything like Lynne could do - that I would Have to open the box - which I did - CAREFULLY!

I pulled my new baby out and sat and read the manual. Thank goodness that Lynne had taught me how important these manuals are - not just to be tossed aside , but to be guarded and referred to often. This day began a new chapter in this "sewing granny's life"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Very Pretty! I never throw away the manuals either.. I'm still learning how to use all the features on my new sewing machine... I'm looking at the manuals constantly!
    I am posting photos of Brylee's quilt tomorrow OK? *smiles*

  2. Hi Chris,
    I am so glad you are making progress - I can't wait to see how it is going???