Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Next Turn in The Road

Since I was now visiting in the world of "antique fabrics" and Christmas was around the corner, I decided my fabric could come to a good use. My beloved , Ruth - had a beautiful young daughter who was a dedicated drama teacher and the two sisters used to say that the stork got mixed up coming to their houses because the two girls acted more like their Aunt's rather than their Mom's. Ruth was frantically looking for some kind of a gift for her daughter and I remembered the fabric I had- had come from Nancy's aunt - whom she loved and I knew that would make the gift more important to her. Since she was a drama teacher I hunted for embroidery designs related to drama and I got lucky. After I finished off the drama projects I ran across a design with pansies and Ruth adores pansies - so I did a towel for her. I am not for sure which she was more pleased with - the gift for her daughter or a gift for her kitchen that tied the memories of her entire family which she loved so much.

I was beginning to feel like a "warrior princess" now discovering the power that fabrics enabled you to comfort others and enrich their lives.

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