Thursday, July 30, 2009

The budding designer in me skins her knees!

You know how those "wild ideas" can be??? Well, I had seen a shirt that I liked instantly, but of course I could not find a pattern. So, I came up with the wild idea -how hard can it be to make your own???? I carefully drawed out what I thought looked right and then cut it out of fleece. Thinking that some snowflakes would make it look kind of snuggly warm for wintertime I played around with some thread I had found , which was not embroidery thread - but got it to work. My other challenge was making that round neck and trying to keep it straight and not do some of my "wild driving" and have curves all over the place. I was getting pretty excited to try on my very first creation! I liked the way it slide over my head and was feeling -proud as punch - UNTIL I sat down and then the creature pulled back against my throat and tried to strangle me to death! I would pull it forward and it would pull itself BACKWARDS - we were having a regular see-saw act going on with neither one of us winning . We finally called it a "draw" and I said my designer days were not quiet there yet! But gosh, we all have to start somewhere - don't we????????????? LOL

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