Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Tee Shirt Voyage

At the time I was learning how to communicate with over sized tee shirts my mother-in-law had moved in with my sister-in-law , in weak health. When my hubby and I were first married 30 years earlier his Mom worked in a sewing factory. Out of the blue one day she made me a red , white and blue tank style top out of polyester. I Loved that shirt so much that I wore it till it looked like it was a "grass skirt". It was cool and comfortable and it came from my "Mother-in-law's " hands, just for me . How much more special could it be???? I "hinted" for more, But when you worked long hard hours like she did - that left little time for other things , other than survival. I just cherished that little shirt the rest of my life - UNTIL NOW! I was learning and Mom was needing some new gowns! Every gal likes new clothes to lift their spirits and so I modified the shirt pattern and lengthened it to be a "night shirt gown".

With my new friend , Bernina Deco - embroidery machine - I embroidered an angel on the front - and told her that we all need a few angels to watch over us.


  1. Nice! I'll bet she loves them.

  2. Thank you , Judy- she really did and that made my heart leap for joy. She was now so frail that it really broke my heart, and she had taught me so many things during our lifetime - she was a really smart lady .

  3. Thank you So Much , Micki! So nice to hear from you - that must be a great sign that you are getting better! I am so glad - it stinks to get hurt!