Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mr. Brother 1034D serger can create?

My first project that I knew I would TEST on Mr. Serger was another tee-shirt style gown for my Mother-in-law and I KNEW red was her favorite color.

I carefully cut out all the pieces , including where I had lengthened the gown , as she was a very modest lady and then I picked out another angel and embroidered that on the front - FIRST.

One thing I had learned now , about embroidery, was that IF your project took a wild turn - the machine could "EAT" holes in your project- making your eyes turn red and your face turn BLUE!!!!!!!

Then I lined up my front and back pieces and STARED at Mr. Serger?????? Was this going to be a friend OR a foe??? The way you lined your project up to gauge your seam looked very tricky to me - AND - with my "drunk drivers" way of sewing a seam - it looked like I might be in trouble? I lined it up so carefully and was TOO scared to touch the foot-pedal - so I decided to GENTLY turn the hand-wheel and I watched in amazement as the little knife rose up and down , yet at the same time the needles and thread whirled back and forth - all working in unison - making me think there were a whole crew of magic elves hiding in there , running back and forth - running this "factory" to create your project!

But , you just had to be careful in the direction you told them to go. Finally I got brave and pushed down on the foot pedal - SLOWLY- until this new feeling of CAUTION eased and then I held on tight to the fabric and pressed down and felt like a race car driver heading down home stretch!

I still had many lessons to learn, but Mr. Serger seemed more forgiving in my efforts. I still had that dang gum NECK- BAND staring me in the face - taunting me. So this time I used the regular sewing machine to stitch that band EVER so carefully and then I used the serger to go back and trim all the edges to make it look so much cleaner.

I had watched Lynne serge the edges of the bottom and then fold that up - so I followed in her foot-steps - ERRR - serger tracks and then when it came time to put a hem in the bottom - it made it so much easier for me to get it straighter.

I was finally making wee bits of progress and my mother-in-law had a new gown for the effort


  1. That Mr Serger sounds scary! EATS holes ??? Not a good idea! Think I'll stick to my humble Husqvarna somehow! AS for my quilt being a work of art... *blush*.. I don't think so ! It's just a normal quilt! I have seen some works of art in shows, they make mine look ordinary mate!

  2. Chris, honey - I don't think your quilt is "ordinary"!!!!! It is a beautiful work of art that shows you put a lot of yourself into it and that you are very talented and our beautiful world is a much better place because you are in it! Keep up the great work.