Sunday, July 19, 2009

I know Lynne would love to shoot me.

Because I am always dragging some project in????????????
One day in class I drug in a new book I had bought from the Singer Sewing Reference library called Quick & Easy Sewing Projects and the chapter was titled EASY CLOTHES. They tell you if you want a lightweight jacket you can make one from a reversible cotton throw blanket. They say you will need one or two woven cotton throw blankets , a commercial patttern for a single-breasted V-necked cardigan jacket with dropped shoulders .Depending on the size of the blanket - the jacket may or may not overlap in the front.

It was a very interesting project and it did look really nice when we finished. I made one for my daughter-in-law and one for my granddaughter for Christmas and told them that since they were made from blankets that they could store them in the car just in case they ever broke down, but they decided to wear them long enough to wash them the first time and then told me that they both shrank up so small neither one of them could wear them again!!!!!!!!!! And this was AFTER I had prewashed the blankets to start with??????? So , I guess I learned that SOME fabrics are IFY?????????????????

Another hard learned lesson.
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  1. What a great project! It is so different!

  2. Thank you so much , Micki. It certainly was funny and I think, so good for my weeeee little brain! lol