Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hoping to test a new fabric and Pattern??

I had run across a new pattern that made me think of a poncho and I found some cheap fabric that was silky that I could practice on? I did discover "chasing" slick fabric was going to be a challenge. I started with the pink fabric first for a granddaughter and I was amazed at the process of cutting what resembled a rectangle and turning it into a shirt. Then after I "chased" the fabric for a while and pinned a gazllion times and pressed I finally had the resemblance of a poncho shirt so I added some beaded trim around the neck of that one because she was a young person and her favorite color was pink.

Then I moved on to the pale green one that shimmers and I tackled the same problems - learning how to make "PINS" my best friend and also learn Patience for another granddaughter.

The third dark green one was for my daughter-in-law because she loved green and at the time she was in college and I thought she could wear a turtle neck shirt under it .

It was an interesting lesson - both about the fabric and the pattern. I did learn to have great "respect" for silky fabrics because sometimes - they can move faster than I can!


  1. it is a beautiful will go great with pants.

  2. Thank you so much , Micki! Just knowing you popped by for a visit really warms my heart! You are so special.