Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to the knit world

I just cannot help myself - I love the world of knits. All those beautiful colors and degrees of softness that tempt me . I was getting to be best friends by now with the "oversized tee shirts pattern. My sister-in-law is named Katherine, but I call her Kat and when she was a little girl they called her Kat-bird so when I ran across the design with the feisty little blue-bird - I just knew that it would have to be a "Kat-bird" ! I really enjoyed this shirt , the knit had a lot of "give " to it and made it very comfortable for her.

The eagle shirt I did for my brother-in-law because he served in the army . Really I did two shirts - one for him and one for her -since they have always been a team. But the pattern I used for him was a Butterick men's tee shirt and after I saw it on him - I did not like it at all. It just did not hang right or something. The one I did for my sister-in-law I put on the oversized tee shirt pattern and it turned out nice and she got a lot of compliments on it.

That is one of the things that stumped me - until you make one - you never really know how something will turn out and each piece of fabric is so different - it can cause tremendous differences in the project. I do not like for them to have that "home sewn" feel to them - I dream of them having a professional feel to them.

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