Sunday, July 19, 2009


The more people you have in your life to sew for - the more you can learn, I had decided. My sister-in-law was now full time care-giver to her Mom and had little time to go to town unless it was for doctor visits or groceries and she was in a different state than we were. She had no time for shopping for clothes and she used men's white tee shirts just because they were easier to come by. I wanted to surprise her with something different.

It is amazing how much difference there is in Knits. The yellow piece is softer with a lot more "give" to it. The lavendar is the more course with very little give to it and a little more weight to it. Plus, this time I practiced making the neck-bands different sizes to see if it would help me any?The yellow one is more wide and the lavendar is more narrow and I tried REALLY hard to get my seams as straight as I could - Plus - this time I practiced top-stitching around to make that seam lay down nice and flat.

The fish was because they have a small pond in their back yard and the American colored heart is because they were in the Army.
My sister-in-law does not like "frilly" - so this time I Had to pin and do a tradition hem in the sleeves and the tail - which I hated. That was another thing that was hard for me - to make my hem nice and neat - no matter how hard I ironed that stubborn thing - I still had to fight with it. I was Just not Born with a "Gift" - just born Stubborn and not know when to quit!
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  1. They are lovely colours you chose for your SIL. Well done.

  2. The colours are so pretty! I love purple!