Saturday, July 25, 2009

Have you ever heard of digitizing?

This was am interesting project for me. I was telling Lynne about wanting to do a project for a granddaughter that would have something to do with horses . Lynne said IF I could draw a horse picture then she would show me how to digitize it so I could use my embroidery machine to embroidery it on the tee shirt I wanted to make . So I sat down and did a simple horse head and watched in amazement as Lynne digitized the picture and watching her was like watching a fabric artist - only she was painting the picture with stitches of colors Instead of a paint brush and paints. It was an amazing process and one that I wished I could learn. But the programs I checked into were bigger bucks than I could swing and I was still having problems with my learning capabilities so that wish has gone on the back burner for now. I wondered , it is just aging that causes my learning disabilities??? I don't know yet, but I know the process was amazing and having a finished design that you had hand drawn was so neat. Instead of your art hanging on someone's wall - it was out walking around in the world?? That was a first for me and that would not have been possible without Lynne's kindness and generosity. I will always think that "Friends" are our greatest gift of all. ~smile~

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