Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Since I was still tromping around in Fleece

Fleece was definitely a new love in my life and Christmas was still heading my way, so I decided to see what I could pull off for "One of the World's Greatest daughter-in-laws". I was trying to come up with ways to help keep them warm in the winter - time and Tracy was driving a dump truck at the time and I was worried about her being warm in the truck. I find fleece to be light enough to maneuver in and also very warm - especially if layered. I had run across some metallic thread that I wanted to play with and I used it to accent Tracy's shirt with snowflakes. I really did not like any of the collars in the layout - so , with Lynne's help - we modified it somewhat - and a new Christmas present was born - and I actually did not make too many mistakes on this one. (Other than breaking that metallic thread about a thousand times)! ~smile~

While working with so much fleece I was having "leftovers" and I ran across this project - just in case any of you have pooch family members? http://www.hgtv.com/crafting/fleece-rope-dog-toy/index.html If you have "fur babies" - you can never have too many toys. lol


  1. Ha ha, glad you 'found' me again! I hope you become a follower, then you won't lose me again!
    I love the clothes you have made, I hope to make some soon too... if I ever finish what I have started ....lol.

  2. What have you started?????????????