Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me, Me, Me!

Now it was time to tackle me a project once again. I needed shirts badly too and I had run across a bargain piece of knit which just seemed to have my name on it. I chose the fish design because I had dug my very own pond and had fish that I loved too. This knit was kind of a medium weight fabric with nice "give " to it. It always seemed to disappoint me that when I would run across a piece of knit fabric - that there was never any information on the package to tell me any thing about it - so it was very difficult for me to figure out how many different kinds of knit there were and how all their properties were so different?

I did pretty good on this experiment and since it was MY project I got to play some more with that lettuce edging on the sleeves and the tail and the neck-band went pretty good for me , with some holding my breath! I really loved that "shirt tail" because it helps cover my hips and my tummy and seems to give me a little more height.

Still not perfect, still learning and still SO proud to have something that came from my very own hands.
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