Friday, January 13, 2017

My little visitor

It was such a beautiful day here today. I had been outdoors working on the wood and one piece of wood gave me such a fit. I fought and wrestled with that booger for a good half hour and gave up and came in and got some lunch. While I was in the kitchen there was this little squirrel that kept peeking in the door but every time I tried to snap a picture he would be gone before I could pull it off. So, this was the best I could do to prove his existence.

Then I went back out to the pile of wood that has these monstrous slabs that I have been trying to figure out what to do with? I took my little chainsaw and cut one of the pieces down the middle and my saw asked me what in the world was I trying to do to it???? There really is a difference in cutting wood through the tree as compared to cutting Down through the center??? It was amazing. I drug Crystal's new saw out and filled it up with gas and oil and tried to start it -but it yanked me to the ground and laughed at me! How very Rude of it! So I went back to busting what I had cut. Then Crystal pulled in and started her monster for me. She cut one piece and then turned it over to me while she went to work on her tiny house that Tim had messed up so bad. So she shampooed carpet and I got a few more pieces cut down the center to where I could carry them back up the hill to the little buster and split them into manageable pieces. Yea. I would have been happy if it had just let me cut the last two pieces I had set up to where I would not hit the chain to the ground and it ran out of gas!GRRRR!  Heap Big Saw uses Heap Big Fuel!!!!!!!!! By then it was dark anyway so I carried all the saws back to the building and finished carrying my wood to the house. Then I used the broom rake and raked up the shavings and put them in a bag so I can use them in the chicken runs , so that was a win win for me! Yea!

By then it was dark so I came in and found some pain pills for Mr. Fibromyalgia and time to settle in and count my blessings. I did cut a section of paneling that was left over from the fire. I need it to put on the back of a little bookcase that my DH had made me years ago and now for some odd reason it has decided to LEAN sideways and is very toddly. LOL

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  1. Are you cutting that wood yourself? You better be careful! I am glad to be back blogging and visiting!