Monday, January 2, 2017

A Truly Lovely Day

It was a warm, rainy day -wonderful for January. Crystal and Tim took time to help me out . I fixed breakfast and Tim washed all the dishes for me! So, I loved that.

Then Crystal stuck poor Tim on the roof to clean out the chimney! I was scared to death for him. She had got a new chimney brush and I knew from using one to clean out our ourdoor woodstove that it would be TERRIBLE and it was. He heaved and hooed  and got covered in creosote from head to toe.

Then she had the poor fellow getting the tree limbs off the roof .

Next she gave him the broom rake to get all the piles of leaves that were up there and Just After this moment his feet flew out from under him on the wet metal and the slick leaves and his butt ended up in the pile of wet leaves -but he stayed on the roof - THANK my Heavenly Father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If that had been on the front when he was cleaning the chimney his back would have been broke from the fall. When he finally got down on the  earth I gave him a big hug! I Hate for someone to do my work , but I am so darn scared to heights .So I was so very grateful and thankful !

Crystal spent her time Supervising him!  She is good in the management position....... ~smiling~  I am just so grateful to have a daughter who cares enough to help me. They also put a metal cap on the chimney too.

Tim also showed me a neat trick today to zoom in on my camera phone????? MAYBE now I can get a better picture. Wish I had known that when he was up on the roof!

I also got to rummage through my patterns today and find a master pattern I had made for me a pair of pants . I would really like to pull that off because that miserable weather is coming this weekend and I need a warm pair.?? But there is lots of other stuff to do to . Just seems like there is never enough time in my days.

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  1. I always enjoy your blog posts and pictures. Glad you can zoom now!

    How is your donkey doing? Miss chatting with you. Happy new year 2017! Hugs, Cathy