Sunday, January 1, 2017

A new year - A new month

My day started off nice and calm and I got on the computer to do a few things and then I noticed the weather report???? It is calling for terrible weather this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday???? Then most of the week up until them it is calling for lots of rain??????????????? But , not today so I decided I would jump in the car -pray real hard for my eyes and take off and get Yukon's food for the month so it would be here -come rain or snow or what ever and this is how much grain it takes to feed him for a month and there is not enough room for the chickens and the bunnies food so I will have to make a separate trip and since I have to go to the doctor on Weds. I will make that trip be for that too?

I did have help unloading the feed and that was wonderful . Now that I want to sleep- sleep is eluding me???? Makes me so darn mad at my uncooperative body? My body must know I am upset with it because it has broke out in hives so I had to take an allergy pill and am waiting for it to kick in as I want to scratch those itches so bad and I know better than to do that ???? ~smile~ Little challenges - we all have them .........

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