Friday, January 6, 2017

Before the Snow

I made it to town because I received a coupon for half off at Jo-Ann's. So I was able to get this beautiful pink sweat- shirt fleece on sale .

This was the piece Igot yesterday for 40% off - so I laid them both out and cut out me two pair of pants. I had got two yards but after I studied the left over pieces I believe I could get away with a yard and a half??? I will have to re-check myself to make for sure. But, I Need some warm jogging pants for Home! I am excited about the colors.

I made it home just in time for it to Start doing this on the ground? My turkeys took the hint and even went in their cage where I could lock them up to be safe.  And they say turkeys are dumb birds - not today they are not. That little one is the baby that was born in the Late Summer. I think it is so pretty and I have enjoyed watching it grow. The one in front is Daddy and mama was coming up the rear.

I unloaded some more feed and was going back to town to get Yukon some hay when Crystal stopped me and said that Tim was in town -so she called him and he brought home 3 bales of hay which we put down in the barn for him and I fed him his grain so he should be a happy boy during the rest of this storm which is suppose to last over night.

My Little Mocha is such a ham as she gets loving from Crystal while we chat. I love this little rascal so very much and she loves Crystal. Chihuahuas are very picky about whom they allow in their lives. She also loves Tim and he calls her Grouchy. lol

While we were outdoors feeding Yukon a lady slide out of the road on the slick spot down below my mailbox so Crystal went down the road to see if she could help and She Slide out of the road on the ice that was getting snow covered.  ~smile~ She was not hurt and a man in another truck pulled both of them back on the road and everybody made it home safe. I am SO very glad that Crystal does not have to get out in this stuff to go to work tomorrow! Yea.

It is just  a tad past midnight and the white stuff is Just really starting to come down now. I carried Crystal's ergonomic snow shovel and just went out and experimented using it ! Turns out I love it! So it and I are going to become friends. lol

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