Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday First Knit Project

Today was my second and last knit class. I took my piece that I thought was big enough to complete a cowl and it almost was. She had me do two more rows and then reminded me how to bind off and she showed me how to do a "mattress stitch" to sew it together! So for all my weeks worth of work I now have a cowl I can wear out to work in - in this blue blazing cold weather!

It turned out to be funny because I had thought I was doing a row of knit and a row of purl - but it turned out I was doing a row of knit and a row of reverse knit!  Live and learn.

    Then she had me make swatches of four other stitches so I would know what they look like?  It was very interesting . Now , "remembering' them is a different story-but I do love the look of the seed stitch- also called the moss stitch.

After that she got me started on a new project - one that uses a simple pattern for a simple narrow scarf. I have already started and ripped it out about 5 times or I would have it half completed. LOL

It was a lovely visit - a little hard to concentrate because they were having a class in the same room for felting and I have always been interested in that too. The ladies were all laughing and having so much fun together!

I was concerned that my shoulder would give me some trouble , but instead it is my Neck!  These human bodies just complain, complain, complain.

It is cold tonight and my stove is complaining too. It does not want to put out good heat and it wants to blow back smoke when I try to put wood in. DARN IT! I know it is because I had to keep it turned down during the week that we have had mild temperatures - plus, I have been trying to conserve wood as it is very low again. Crystal says she intends we can cut wood Sunday , but it is calling for some kind of snow?? Her four wheel drive is not working so if the ground is not good and dry her wood truck will not make it up the steep hills? I wanted to get the truck fixed during pretty weather so I could get way back in the back , but she did not want me back there -she said because of  snakes and bees-but I would rather fuss with them instead of not being able to get to wood when I need it ?

This staying warm in the winter time is such a challenge without help . I keep wondering how in the world did the pioneer women survive once they became widows???? They only had axes to cut wood down with and how did they manage to haul it in from distances from their houses? They truly must have been "super-women"!

I was telling my instructor today that I was trying to learn everything I could while I still had my eyesight and she told me about a lady that she knew of who was blind and one of the leading women knitters!!!!!!!!!!!!! That seems impossible to me -but she said not?????

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  1. Keep practicing Linda... you'll be really great in no time.