Sunday, January 29, 2017

End of Janurary Already

It was a busy day. Since I knew Crystal wanted to sleep in this morning I got to head to the s sewing room I got two more of the Winter cap projects cut out and sewed together . These are for two little brothers, so two great-grandsons to me.

I finally called Crystal about 1 and asked her if she would like a bowel of soup before we started cutting wood and she said that would be nice. So we had a 32 bean and 8 vegetable soup with some cornbread sticks and some peanut butter crackers.

Then we headed out and she got the "Wood Truck" started and tried getting it UP the hill, but it would not go without the four wheel drive working??? So, she got "Big Red" -the nice one she drives to work and she went up the hill like there was nothing to it!

The only problem was that there is a big transmission on the back of the truck that we had bought for her xboyfriend -who decided that he did not want it as he went and traded his truck in on a new one! Now we are stuck with a transmission and I am having trouble making my credit card payments????

So we both cut and filled the half of the truck and brought that down to the house and then headed back and cut another half load and brought it down to the house and then it was dark.

I am good and tired and the fibromyalgia is screaming at me but I really HATE that dude-so I am going to fix me a bite to eat and try to knit a bit.

I wanted to add water to the aquariums but the fixture broke that allows me to screw the hose to the water faucet so I will hope to get that piece while I am in town tomorrow as I have asked crystal to take me to get all the critter feed? We will see what the Morrow brings. ~smile~

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