Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Another day- another challenge. Definitely got up in time to go have my bloodwork done - was awakened at 4:30 , so got up and did a lot of stuff in the house -daylight came and fed Yukon and got ready to go.

Made it there and then stopped and got gas and talked myself into continuing on to the mill to get the animal feeds. I have not been there in a while because of my eyes and my fear of driving . But, with much praying I made it and then headed back.

I swung by Jo-Ann's because they had sent me a coupon this morning if you were over 55 you could get 40% off a regular price item. Shoot it looked like everything in the store was on sale -Until I discovered some heavy weight sweat-shirt fabric full price. It would have been 26.00 for what I wanted but I ended up getting it for 11.00 which included a credit for using my online coupon.  I was very pleased as I caught two pieces of fleece on sale which I intend to use to make those First new hats I downloaded the pattern for for starting my Christmas gifts for upcoming year! I was very pleased.

Next I headed off to another little town which is the only place I can find my Anasazi  beans at and some yellow eyed beans I have not had in years. Next I moved on to Wal-mart to grab my list for smoothies that you pre-make and freeze -thus grabbing one each morning and the work is done. Yea!

Heading home I was hoping to catch Tim and sure enough I did and he unloaded the 3 100Lb. bags of feed for me . Whow - I was so grateful. Then the challenge started.

They went to stick a piece of wood in the stove and it Belched smoke filling the house. It had reached its fill of creosote and would not burn . It was a nightmare that we found for hours as Crystal went back to town to get the creosote tablets to burn it off, but it was so wet and thick and goopy that it would not let the stove get hot enough to burn it off. We had all the doors and windows open and the battle waged on. It was truly a nightmare and still is a problem as we struggle to figure out the solution.  Right now the temperature has dropped to very low and I have a fan on it???? At least for a moment the house is not full of eye-burning smoke?????? Plus, we were not suppose to be breathing those fumes from the tablets but we all did??? My throat is burning and I know theirs have to be hurting and the cold weather is coming in tonight and the snow tomorrow night????

O and to scare me half to death this morning when I was making my credit card payment I discovered a 506.00 fuel bill????? Now this was After 6 weeks of burning the wood stove, cutting the wood -the physical effort to carry it and treat the stove -the fire that almost took the house , ect. and a 506.00 bill. I was having a hizzy fit. Then went I arrived back home there was the fuel bill in the door for 105.00 -which was from using the furnace the week after the fire?? I called Southern States to ask and she told me that they Pre-charged the card and then Later delivered your fuel and if there was a difference -then they made the difference???????????????????????

While I was delving into the credit card I Accidentally discovered a bill that I did not remember so I had the young man check on it? It was a 90.00 charge and he said something about a skin care company????? Well, last month I had received an offer from Wal-mart for a complementary skin care product for the price of shipping -three dollars and something? But it did not want to go through when I tried to pay the shipping (with my credit card) They called me the next day about it and I said Since it did not go through I did not want to fool with it???? The next week the skin care arrived???? I thought welll if I like it maybe I can get it at Wal-mart? So this month rolls around and they charge me the 90.00 for another new bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told the young man I had told them NO to start with -so he said he would take it off and dispute it with them???? Our world has gone nuts!

Gonna go fight with my wood stove as it makes more sense than they do?????

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