Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another Brrrrrr Day

As temperatures were Definitely in the single digits -Rosie had the right idea! I wished I could have followed in her foot prints-but I donned my triple layers of clothing -drew up two gallon jugs of hot water and headed out into the wild blue yonder to greet the day.

It was so cold it was taking my breath-but I scurried on out and feed Yukon -then scattered all of the water to everybody so they would have some fresh warm water for their systems. They all got a double dose of feed today too-as I knew their bodies were working over time to keep warm. Most of the gals did not even lay as they needed to just keep their bodies going, but I did bring in 5 eggs -two of which were the pretty blue eggs. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to get back in the house and head to the hot shower . My flesh was cold and it was the coldest where I had a couple layers of fat around those "love handles" and my thighs????

Finally all dry and in fresh clothes Crystal, Tim and I got into a container of shrimp she had bought -then they headed back to the Tiny House  and I headed to the sewing room. I managed to work on my two pair of jogging pants  and boy were they full of lessons.

The one piece of sweat shirt fleece is just pink and a heavy weight so other than dealing with double layers it is coming along good. But this other piece is giving me challenges. I don't know what it's qualities are?? I got it because it seems heavier and warmer than the regular piece- BUT- it wants to pop the stitches from my serger and when it does it wants to fray and unravel-!

I have been going back over the ripped out parts because they want to ravel and this time I used the zigzag stitch-but the stretch of the fabric and the speed of my stitch did not want to play right and made a mess! I just shook my head and said I was Glad it is a project just for me! This will actually be on the seam where I am hemming the leg????GOL-DARN-IT!

Then my next thought was : O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I plum Forgot to pre-Wash this fabric!!!!!!!!!! If I wash and dry it and it shrinks up to the moon and back I will be so disappointed???? But, what can I say - that seems to be the life of learning the sewing lessons. IF it is not in the techniques - then always things to learn about the fabrics and they do not give you much information on the bolts of fabrics. So, I see it as either Swim or Drown. lol

I even caught my precious Coco sleeping in. Smart girl!

I do have a funny story for you! Last night at almost midnight I was reading a really good book. My eyes kept giving me problems fading in and out and I was really into the story and fussing with the eyeballs when all of a sudden there was a Big bang at the front door-which I had my back to . I FROZE- I was SOOOOO SCARED. The front door was vibrating a little bit and I could not breath. I remembered Crystal saying she could look through the front window into the living room and my eyes were wondering IF I WAS OUT OF SIGHT. I rolled my eyes to see how far away the phone was, knowing with this phone it would take 10 minutes to make it operate. (It is so Smart - it does not like to make it easy to work) Finally I started to get my breath back and this was a Mystery I was reading. Quiet ensued and I went back to my story. A little later I got the flash light and went and peeked out the front door from the glass and could see the front Storm door standing wide open! WHEW!!!! I opened the door and grabbed it and pulled it back in and checked the lock but it was till locked. I pulled it tight and released it and the wind grabbed it again and jerked it wide open. I like to never got it back shut. Every time I would close it the wind would yank it wide open and almost blow me out the door trying to hang onto it! That DARN Wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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