Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Not Good Weds.

The weather is warming up and the snow and ice are melting and it is calling for rain. Things should be looking good but my daughter and her partner are fighting like cats and dogs so I know this will not last long. His truck is broke down and we are waiting for parts to get it fixed so maybe then he will have his freedom. She has moved back into her old bedroom and he is standing outside the window accusing her of every man in town . Even through she went straight to work and then home?? I am so very disappointed after I risked my neck driving after dark last night to go pick him up after he started walking out of the country???  I was hoping the calm could stay until the truck was fixed. Guess not????

I decided I would try to distract my broken heart by working on one of my new Christmas presents but Miss Gabby is having a hard time understanding the rules of being the new "Sewing Cat"?

She has decided that the rule is for me to Cut AROUND her during the project????? I think this little cross-eyed cat is a little confused - as am I ????? lol

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to read your daughter's relationship is having a rough patch. I know the feeling! your cat needs a swat to make it move!