Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sun. Jan.22,2017

I went for my very first Knitting class on Friday. Boy was I plum tuckered out after my adventure with the opossums that morning.  Between being so very tired with 3 hours of sleep- bad eyeballs and older brain I pondered if that might have anything to do with my slow intake of knowledge????

Anyway , here we are two days latere and this is the size of my project????? I keep wondering Is it really Twice As Much Work to make something when you knit because you are using TWO tools to do the job????? Orrrrrrrr, is it because I am brand new at this and I remember being very slow when I started to learn to crochet??????

Any ole hoo - I have spent quiet a bit of time - RIPPING!!!!!!!!!! Just like I have done in sewing or crocheting?????Except when you rip in crochet you only have to worry about ONE little stitch - not a gazillion stitches depending on the size of your knitting project???????? Well, I said I wanted to "work" my brain to keep it young - it sure feels like it got STRETCHED and is squalling at me??????

Then last night I had a terrible Fibromyalgia Flare! It got mad at me because of the monster chainsaw I attempted to run yesterday ! Attempted being the key word here. You see a young friend dumped us a load of wood and I had used my little saw to cut up all the manageable pieces. Now there are these Chair size pieces that I have been "Attempting" to cut down the center to make them into smaller sizes so I could carry them to the little buster machine???? Crystal had even bought what is called a "Rip"blade to do the job and you need a bigger saw to run the thing to have enough power to cut down into the logs????? Only problem is whenever I try to start the thing it likes to throw me on the ground and laugh at me. My dear daughter says , all you need is a couple good yanks and then you have it made!  Maybe sooooooo, if you are twenty some years younger than ME!

So I would carry the behemoth Up the hill to her tiny house and get her to start it and then trot Down the hill to the family of monster logs. I worked for several hours and pulled off a very small amount of wood! This wood is so darn strong when I tried to insert a broken ax head into one of them to split it where the wood splitter would not - it bent the AX head!!!!!!!!!!!!! now how am I suppose to go up against something like that?????????????????

By then I was dog tired and this machine had decided it hated me and when I would lay it on top of one of the wood pieces it would just dance across the top of it and not even sink into the wood????? It laughed at me one time too many and the rain came so I headed for the house and a warm shower. That was when the fibro kicked in - telling me  all about pain and lack of sleep and misery! I HATE mr. fibromyalgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could send him on a slow boat to nowhere!   So I am soooo sore and miserable today. My shoulder feels like it wants to fall off from that saw!

Really I did not plan to grow up and become a  1. Plummer
                                                                             2. Mechanic
                                                                              3. Logger
I am a "girly-girl" and was meant to be a Princess! What happened to that plan??????? ~smile~

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