Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Day

Yukon looking for his dinner tonight. It snowed 6 inches and that was enough for me , but I know we are very lucky as others got much more and with these below freezing temperatures it will stay around a few days. BRRRRRR1

I kept working on the snow from midnight -then 1 AM - then 2 AM when I got so pooped ! Up again at 5AM and back at 10 AM so it was not as hard as it would have been doing it all at one time.

Crystal had an ergonomic shovel that I thought looked like something crazy, but I tried it out and Fell in love with it!

It kept me busy shoveling paths so I could get out and do my chores. I have just found it is easier when I have paths to follow instead of trudging through snow?

It will be a while before this stuff leaves as it is suppose to be in the single digits and the wind is already whipping my doggie door open.

This is going up the hill to Yukon. It is so cold that his food is frozen and I keep hacking away at it with a funny looking hammer.  Now to run down to the house and feed that wood-stove!!!  After Crystal and Tim throwed bricks down the chimney -where it was stopped up -it is acting like a champ now - it you keep its tummy full! ~smile~

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