Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sooooo Tired

Me and this NOT SLEEPING is a real killer! It was 3:45AM this morning when I finally dozed off and then was up at 8AM. I know a Lot of people who do not need lots of sleep, but not this ole cookie. I have ALWAYS needed 8 solid hours of sleep -usually for 11PM to 8:30Am ???? So, this is draining my spirit.

I did get up and get some indoor chores done and was thinking about a sewing project when my dear neighbor called me and asked if I would sew two patches on a jacket for him for his job? Would I - Sure I would , after all he has done for me??? He is married to one of my best buds from school and he mowed for me and brought me turnips and worked on my car when it was something I could not do. I was thrilled for the opportunity to even pay him back a Teeny Tiny bit.

It was a little hard for me because of rolling that quilted jacket up to attempt to go under the throat of the machine ??? Then I had trouble seeing the dark threads??? But I knew he would not complain if I did not get every stitch perfect , although I did make sure I caught every corner .

Then I went out and did all the outside chores. It was cold but my new cowl really worked like a charm keeping the wind from down my throat. While Yukon was eating I cleaned out the ashes from Crystal's stove and got a fire started for her. I carried out two buckets and filled one with fallen tree branches for kindling and one with leaves because they make it every easy to start a fire. I carried up a bucket of wood chunks from where I had busted wood and filled her stove and turned it down low.

Then I headed to the house and heard the sound of a little tractor on the road???? I thought -that sounded like Tony when he would come up the road and mow, but there was no mowing now???? Sure enough it was Tony on his tractor with his little trailer behind him filled full of wood! He had gone home and cut a wild cherry and busted it up and it was beautiful. He backed up to the wood rack and we unloaded it. He said well, you are too stubborn to take money ?????

I told him he had such messed up my words because I was going to tell him how grateful I was that he allowed me to do a tiny thing for him to thank him for all he had done for me and look at it now?? I sure thought he had come out " On The Short End of the Stick" Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We both laughed and thanked each other . That is what I call a wonderful neighbor!

My chimney is getting stopped up again! It has only been a few weeks since they cleaned it out???? It kept smoking up the house last night. I went out and looked UP at the chimney but I am so darn scared of heights I am afraid to climb up on the roof and go over the peak to get to the chimney???? I studied it several times ???? Then I got down at the little clean out door but it is quiet a distance from where it is stopped up. My arm is not long enough?? I finally found the flexible rod that Crystal had bought and attached to the brush to clean the chimney from the top. I unscrewed one section of it and forced it ever so gently into the small hole and UP towards the stove pipe entrance. I hit a grate that Tim put in there but by poking around I was able to get through the holes and poke at that creosote. It was hard but I finally got some big chunks falling down on my hands. I got quiet a bit- enough that it made a difference in the blowback in the house.

I was getting sick because I had forgotten to eat so I grabbed a bit and started working on my Winter flowers???


Do you remember when I tried this last winter??? It is called winter sewing and they say that the seeds know when to wake up? Some seeds need the cold to activate them - I forgot the technical word for it. I had even saved my milk jugs . Two of the jugs have one of watermelon and one of cabbage and all the others are flowers! They did so good last year- except for when the raccoon got on the porch and turned them over-grrrrr! That is why I have put them in a cage this time. They can still get rained on and snowed on -just no raccoon part - I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cabbage and watermelon are both OLD seeds so I thought I would take a gamble-no use keeping them if they really are too old. I am low on seeds. 

I made a couple more runs on the new knitting project, but decided not to gamble since I feel so bad I can hardly hold my head up. Crystal says we are cutting wood tomorrow -??? We will see??,

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  1. What a great neighbor......hope you managed to get some sleep.