Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Well, shoot, I forgot to plant my seeds!

I had planned to do a Winter Sew for my flowers for Spring -but I really ran out of time. I guess it was the hour I took first thing this morning to check out this book. Everything was so nice and quiet and my eyes were doing half-way good . I really enjoyed this book!  When I started to sew I fussed because how in the world were you suppose to learn the properties of that fabric that was out there??? So this lady really covered that perfectly in good common sense descriptions


She posts a swatch of the fabric and then tells a little about its history and how it is made and how to use it. I mean she covers just about everything you would appreciate knowing about it.

On the other page beside it she list ALL the properties dealing with it. I it is simply amazing! She also has written one called All About Wool - and I would really enjoy checking it out before my eyeballs leave town because I am really interested in wool. I have found out it has some terrific properties and uses that would blow your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Hate to tear myself away from the reading but I knew I had a full day ahead of me as this is the last warm day in my future for a while. I went out and did all of my chores and then went to cleaning out my runs . I got all of one room clean and only had enough shavings for 3 runs in the second room . I only had that much because I had raked up the shavings from where I was cutting the firewood! Thank goodness for that.

I carried all of the litter down to the garden . I have been digging ditches in my raised beds and then dumping the litter in it - then covering it up with the black soil - hoping to encourage it to compost before spring time. The beds sink down quiet a bit each year and buying new soil gets to be very expensive. So, I am hoping this will work and enrich the beds at the same time.

I was good and tired from all that up and down the hill -that it a lot of exercise . But then I picked up two big buckets of tree limbs that had fallen and broke them up into small pieces and used them to restart the fires for both me and  Crystal.

I then went hunting for some kind of firewood???? I saw a piece of pine down and thought maybe I could cut it up - but I really hate to use pine as it can be so dangerous. I went to check it out and discovered it had already been cut a little bit. Not much , but enough to take me a good hour of carrying and  toting up and down an even bigger hill. I carried several armfuls down the hill to Crystal's pile. Then I got a bucket and carried 3 pieces down to the house . Next I got the bright idea to get my little log carrier - a metal frame on two little wheels that you can stack a few pieces of wood on .

I piled on about 10 pieces and started down off the hill only to realize that it was trying to drag me down the hill. So, in times past I would just lay it down on the ground and only lift it up a couple of inches to Slowly go down a hill -but this time - It Had Other Ideas! Because there were slick leaves on the ground and the hill was steep -when I laid it down -it took off like a big sled! I could not believe what my eyeballs were seeing . It slid 3/4 of the way down the hill and then politely TURNED OVER - spilling all of my wood everywhere. OK, I picked it all back up and tried again only to have the same thing happen again - but this time it made it all the way down the hill before it turned over.  I picked them all back up and made it to the gate where Yukon was eating . I opened the gate wide while he was busy and tried with all my might to drag them across the tree roots that grow there only to have the darn thing turn over again and spill all my wood AGAIN! I very quickly attack the pile because I do not want Yukon to get any bright ideas about beating me through the gate and having to chase a contrary donkey down the road.!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Finally made it all the way down the next hill to the house and I just parked the darn thing there . I was tooooooo tired to even attempt to unload it. It will be there until I get back to it as there is NOBODY going to break their neck to unload it . lol

I was disappointed to not get my seeds planted but I would rather have clean cages for my chickens. I have 3 more runs that need cleaning but I will have to get more shavings. I was so grateful that I had put on a pot of bean soup this morning ! Nothing like the smell of fresh food waiting for you when you come in the house -bone weary.

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