Sunday, January 1, 2017


Well, I just did not feel up to snuff today after staying wide awake until 4 AM this morning. So, I fixed a burrito and headed outdoors to do all the chores. The weather was so beautiful that I just kept going from one thing to another until the normal stuff was completed. And since it was warm -my feet did not have to freeze. They are still a little sore from getting frost-bit earlier.

After the normal stuff was completed I really needed a space to be able to move 3 chickens into two different cages and the only two left were the two were the raccoons had got in last summer?? So, I drug down and looked at it. I really did not have the energy to cope with the problem , but decided to start with just One little piece of the problem, so I started wiring on poultry wire over an existing wire door that I thought might need some  protection from a mink attack. After I pulled that off I felt a little more "accomplished" in my goal so I cut two new boards and place one at the bottom and one at the top to prevent the coon from sliding up under the doors or climbing over top of them into any gap.  It was looking much more promising so I moved on to the center cage and cut two new boards with my daughter's battery powered saw that I had borrowed. I screwed one going UP beside the door to close off a tiny gap and one at the very top to close that little gap. Now it looks like Fort Knox to me.

Then it started to rain lightly and Crystal and Tim came down and we unloaded a tiny bit of wood from her truck. We came in and shared some food and started to watch a movie and we all got sleepy so we called it a night. I wanted to just Jot this down and hope that I can go to sleep tonight . It would be so nice to get back on a useful schedule.?????

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