Thursday, January 26, 2017

Brrrr- I hate going back to cold

I sure did hate to see that nice warm weather leave us! Today was my "not so heavy chore day" , so I got to spend some time working inside.

I boogied to the sewing room and pulled off a  Father and Son set of caps for Christmas . I did muff up on the little ones cap and got it a little "wonky" because of these eyeballs but I learned from my mistake and paid better attention on the adult size cap.

I did much better on the seam allowances on these two this time -so that made me happy.

I went up and fed Yukon and put wood in Crystal's stove and came back to check the weather report - ONLY to discover I have misplaced a day! That means tomorrow is my last knitting class and I have not completed this project. I believe I have spent more time going backwards -rather than going forwards! Grr.

So I sat down and went to town - I am hoping to complete enough of what started out to be a scarf - now I decided I want it to be a cowl for me. I will not mind the mistakes when I am outdoors working in the cold and I have decided I like cowls because you do not have to worry about scarf tails flapping in the wind and getting hung up in something! But, I will for sure need my instructors help showing me how to connect the thing into one piece.

I went back out at dark to gather the eggs so they don't freeze and feed Yukon for the night. I checked on the fire for Crystal and the darn thing had gone out so I went hunting kindling and poked that in and leaves and wood and to my shock the door fell off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O Yea- I almost had a heartattack! Good thing that fire had not started! So, I got the door back on and got the fire going while I carried a few pieces of wood in for her -then down to the house and carried me many pieces up on the porch and a few in the house.

I had fixed that big crockpot full of 32 bean and 8 vegetable soup yesterday -then took off a small pot last night and added orzo to it to have something different. It was fair.
So tonight I took off a small pot and have added tomatoes to it-but the tomatoes made it taste just like "store-bought" soup????????????????? UCK? But it is what it is and with the cornbread I have fixed it will fill my tummy!

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  1. Those caps look so warm and cuddly! How on earth did the door fall OFF!!! Is Crystal living near you?