Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tues . Jan. 3, 2016

                                         My Goodness How Time Flies

LOL - I caught Bandit licking his chops. I spent most of the day outdoors. I did the normal chores and then fired up the chainsaw and cut some left over pieces that were too long for the logsplitter-then ran them through. I backed the car up there and carried a small load down to the house and then backed back up and took a small load up to the gate where Yukon eats at and then carried a small load up to the tiny house.

Then I went back down the hill to the next pile and sorted through what I could lift and put them in the car and backed it back up the hill and was working on it when Crystal and Tim showed up. They helped me load the car and bring it back down the hill and put that small load on the pile. I tried to make them let me take half of it up the hill to the tiny house but they were stubborn and refused. It was dark by then so I came in and shook all the rugs of the crud from the woodstove , carried out the ashed and then loaded the stove back up.  Hum? Now it is raining? But that sure suites me better than snow.

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