Monday, January 9, 2017

My First Real Sewing Projects of 2017

This is the pair of jogging pants made from the sweat shirt fleece I found at JoAnn's and had the coupon for 50% off for. It is nice and soft and feels warm to the touch?

This is the other piece of sweat shirt fleece I found and had a 40% coupon off  that I used. Yet, it is entirely different. It feels a little more like sweater fabric and is a little bit scratchy.

After I completed both of them and tried them on I thought , well, they are a little big on me I could take them in a bit? BUT then I REMEMBERED I had Not Prewashed my fabric -so IF they shrink up to the size of doll clothes I will be really miffed as I have had lots of problems with the fabric at JoAnn's before??? So, as usual, I will just have to learn everything the hard way and see what happens??????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

All of this cold has been wearing me down so I peeked in on the birds to lighten my mood.


  1. So have you washed them yet? Did they shrink?

  2. Sorry it took a while to answer you but I had to hang them up and admire them before I took a chance on them - I just pulled both of them out of the dryer for the first time and neither one of them shrank even a smidgen. I was actually hoping they would just a little . LOL But you know how it is - if you want them to -they would never shrink. I am actually "toying" with the idea of sewing a vertical seam all the way from the waist down, just scared I will get it crooked????? But, at least they are really Warm! I had to take them off during this warm break we got after all that freezing weather. If Only???? Yea, I know - dream on! It will get here by Summer! lol