Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Hate this stuff-when will Summer come?

This White Stuff had arrived and I was Not Prepared for me-even Yukon said we could do without it.

At least all of my feathered friends seem to be doing excellent.

I don't think they appreciate the pictures as much as they do fresh food and water.

It has been neat watching these guys grow from tiny fluffs of soft air? LOL

These guys still use their little lights on these below freezing nights. The two front ones are speckled sussecks that I hated and am dying to see how they do?

Even the little fantail pigeon would disappear if she were outdoors in this stuff-Yuck.

I had a problem with my feet getting too cold. I had picked up these boots at Goodwill because they were tall and heavy , so I thought they would be warmer than what I had. Undoubtedly NOT! My feet just got colder and colder and colder by the time I was finished chores, which takes almost two hours. I headed for the house and to a warm shower as my feet felt like they were frozen.

Well, something was wrong because they were hurting so badly But -they were red hot to the touch? I got my shower and warmed up the rest of me and then when I went to put some lotion on them they were SO Hot to the touch and swollen! I had never had swollen toes before so I wrapped them up in a blanket and crawled in my chair to warm them.  It was miserable. I truly Hate this cold and now they were calling for a winter storm this coming weekend  -I am really dreading it?  These boots say Made in China- wonder if that has anything to do with this? I think I will re-donate them back as they look like new. Maybe somebody young with better circulation would have no problem with them?????

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