Monday, October 12, 2009

Turkey -gobble , gobble !

My oldest son seems to love this time of year so he can go turkey hunting -so I decided to give him a "turkey" that he can keep all the time. This was another tee shirt that I added long sleeves to so he could have something to wear to work in , at least. He still smokes , so of course he HAS to have a pocket and this was interesting to me to put the embroidery design on the pocket. Then since I did not have a pattern that showed you where to put the pocket at and since I do not smoke and do not know where smokers Reach for - I pulled out one of hubby's old shirts and I measured how far down and how far over the pocket was on one of his shirts and that was how I figured out where to put that pocket???????? Since I did not get an criticism - I am hoping that means that I got it right????

As you can tell from the picture - I have my threads and some of my tools up on pegboards.This was a great tip that I learned from Lynne. I would never have been able to keep up with all my treasures , but this way I just look up and there is everything in plain sight-and that is about the only way I can keep up with things here lately . It is nice to have a system that works for you.  And then there is this one that has such neat colors:          and then there is this one with a little different twist:

So while my 'warm friends" are enjoying Spring - we "colder folks" will be playing with snakes and cold. LOL

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