Sunday, October 25, 2009

A LIghthouse Project

Even a Granny tries her hand at a different art form every now and then. I have always loved terra cotta pots  - didn't matter what you did with them. I wanted to make some kind of solar light fixture to sit at the steps of my son's houses - so they would not trip in the dark - or at least give you a beacon to "aim" for when stumbling around in the dark.

I ran across several different ideas and then decided to just get the pots and start painting and let the project go where it wanted to lead. I got two different sizes of pots and a solar light from the building and supply store and then just started painting from a picture of a lighthouse.

And this is what I ended up with. The larger set is for my sister-in-law and I did two of the smaller set for my two sons  and ended up painting one more of the smaller set as a gift to the young lady who was my massage therapist for 6 months when we were recovering from our wreck. She was the one who diagnosed my fibromyalgia and started me on the path of easing the pain to make it bearable to live with. She was a very special young lady that I came to love. 

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  1. THEY. ARE. JUST. AWESOME!!! And what a fantastic idea... I must try doing that too! I love lighthouses!
    You are one clever tart.. yes you are!