Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm Pooped!

I have tried to accomplish a lot today.

That white roll is called "soil - control" and I got it at the building supply . They use it to put in ditches and it lets the water flow through , but the stones cannot. It is nice and thin and I like to use it to copy my multi-sized patterns on . It is easy to handle and it folds up really small.

You can tell it makes it very easy to trace the patterns. I worked at it all day long. Even if I do not have my embroidery machine back yet - I decided that it might save me some time If I went ahead and cut out the projects and they will be ready to embroider. I had forgotten how long it takes me to trace and cut out projects. I must be as slow as a turtle???

That stack is what I have accomplished today, I think there are 8 projects and I still need to cut out two more .I just ran out of energy and time.

Norway Pine Quilt Block Video Tutorial
I found this tutorial on the Norway Pine Quilt Block.

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  1. Boy, you did work hard! I hope that you get your embroidery machine back soon!