Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is one reason that I Hate to see my beautiful Summer leave me??? I have fallen madly in love with my Trumpet Plant! I have waited every since Spring to see her bloom and it is well worth the wait and just as she shows her true colors - it is almost time for Mr. Autumn to come along and steal her beauty and break my heart. Then another thing I have been pondering is that I had purchased a Brother PE700II embroidery machine a couple of months past on E-bay.I wanted a machine with a larger embroidery area -this does a 5 x 7 and I wanted the ability to download designs from the internet via the USB port! So, this machine was exactly what I wanted -with a limited budget.I haunted E-bay for a couple of months until I found one I could swing. But the minute I pulled it out of the box and set it up - I was wondering IF she made too much noise??? My little Bernina Deco was a quiet workhorse and this sounded more like a thrashing machine.  Still I went ahead and learned how to download designs and where all the bells and whisles were. I am not very techincal minded and it definitly is a challenge to learn new things.  I was very happy with the idea that this machine can do a number of things that are so nice. 
But the noise just got worse until yesterday when I wanted to make a friend a tee shirt because she has lost so much weight that he clothes just hang on her. I had found a great lighthouse design that said , Friends Light the Way? Perfect! I thought  - yea, right ! EIGHT HOURS later I finally finished the design. The thread had broken at least every 3 minutes . It was a nightmare and I was so tired .

I got online this morning and looked for Brother Dealers in my area - only to discover that the closest one was a 3 hour drive!  I did call and talk to the lady and she was SO VERY nice -so I got directions and hubby and I loaded up the machine and took off. Our drive took us through the mountains and it was a very curvy and I get carsick - so the drive wore me out.  We did find our way to the shop and get our machine tucked in . I paid 20.00 down and have to wait Two Weeks. That was the worst part for me . I don't known if I can stand being without an embroidery machine for that long????? I do have a few projects already embroidered - so maybe that will keep me busy putting them together.  I hate for things to go wrong now - it is getting so close to Christmas and I was hoping I would get my projects all finished in time - and was not planning on a break down.   Sometimes I just wish things would Work!


  1. Hey chick! Your post has come out a bit UNREADABLE in the most part!
    It has come out like that!

  2. Oh and why do you underline everything?
    Just asking!

  3. I can read it fine but still have the underlining of course. I hope your machine is back happy and well soon. Your Datura flowers are so pretty ...don't let the kiddies near it tho' it's V. poisonous. I used to have one of those trees but it made us sick just brushing past it. Death sentence to pretty tree after that.