Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hubby's jacket is like Hubby- a lovely problem.???

Isn't it funny how people fall in love, get married and then learn how to compromise??? Then slowly they evolve and the two become as one a lot of the time. Just when I thought I had learned most of the tricks to a happy marriage - this jacket I wanted to make for hubby - confounds me!

I wanted it to be perfect and I really put my heart and soul into the project and it really turned out nice. Then when it came time for him to check it out?????? It was a mile too big! I sputtered a little bit , turned around and gave it to our Son who has wide shoulders and it fit him perfectly.

Back to the drawing board and worked up a second one -SMALLER !I'll be darned - it really is too large for him too , especially in the shoulders where it falls off of his shoulders! I was really miffed that time- it seems I have to learn EVERYTHING the hard way????  Since I was down to the small size with that pattern I guess I could measure his shoulders and then alter the pattern just for him. I know that will cause me some kind of grief with the sleeves then???? I sure wish I was born knowing everything I needed to know to accomplish my goals!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Since Christmas is just a skip and a hop away I found some more links with an idea?????


  1. I like the jacket, even though it is too large for him. I have always loved that pattern. It is a shame that you are having so much trouble with it!

  2. What a shame you ended up making TWO and neither fit him. YOu could always go buy another smaller pattern, that way you would get the size right!