Monday, October 26, 2009

Hubby's shirt

Well, I am back to the men's presents. I am short on hubby's presents and two son's presents and three grandsons. I really am not happy with two different patterns that I have for men's long sleeve tee shirts.  Each one has it's own set of problems , so I finally gave in and went with a Burda pattern. It looks nice on the envelope -but - very different on a real person.

I knew hubby needed a camo shirt because he has ONE that is about 15 years old and over time It has shrunk up to like a kids size - and I still have not figured out how he can cram himself in it???? It has so many holes in it that you can definitely say that "it is air conditioned in the winter time"! So, I finished the first one and asked him to be my test subject so I could study it and he happily agreed. He liked it -so I just gave it to him for now  But I was very dissatisfied with the shoulders .They just hang down off of his shoulders too much. I went back and studied the envelope. I think the people who make these patterns must have perfect models - INSTEAD - of real people. The model in the picture was a very well muscled young man  with wide shoulders. My DH is 63 years young and has very small shoulders  - half the size of the pattern . I do know IF I change the shoulders I will have to change the sleeve cap somehow also??????

IF only my "sewing angel" would appear to me and deliver me some suggestions????

I ran across an interesting link that has a video on a different technique to do a nice quilting project. I preally enjoy Seeing how something is done -instead of just reading about it.

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