Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shirt for my animal control friend

This is the second shirt I have made for my friend with this pattern. Last time I had discovered AFTER I gave it to her that the sleeves were too short. She tried to make me feel better by saying that all the shirts she bought in the store were that way because she had longer arms than usual and that this one was lovely and she was used to wearing 3/4 length sleeves and they were comfortable. But that is what real "Friends " do - they love you and would never hurt you.

SO , this year I found fabric like I had used last year , just a different shade of color, since my friend loves earth colors. It is a very comfortable fabric to wear because it has some soft "give" to it and it feels so good on. I also made the sleeves 3 inches longer this time! LIVE and LEARN ! lol  I did use a Celtic design because she loves Celtic designs as I do. It is so nice to share a common interest with a friend - makes you feel like you are more "connected" .

For those of you quilters I found this tutorial on the barn quilts;
Iowa Barn Quilt Block Pattern Video Tutorial

Happy Sewing to One and ALL!  Let's make something!
Love and Laughter - Linda -the sewing granny

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