Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's So EASY 7977

This was a pattern that I ran across at a local thrift store and it stirred my imagination. My neighbor had given me a shirt that stirred my curiosity because it had just a little "give" to it and it made it doubly comfortable because it moved with me. I had found a piece of fabric in a discount bin of Jo Ann's Fabric store and it had a little bit of "give " to it too.So, I came up with the wild idea to test it out with this pattern. I got lucky and all the pieces were in the envelope and it had even been customized by somebody else which made the product fit Just perfect for a friend of mine.  I really did enjoy working with the fabric - it would have been nice to know what kind it was , but as usual it always says - a mixture of and that drives me crazy -but since that is only a short walk - I soon get over myself and move on to learn a new lesson.
I did embroidery a Celtic design on it just for a little sparkle and to make it special for her.HO_HO_HO! The reason I enjoyed this pattern was that the front you just cut the front and a piece of interfacing and a lining  piece. Then you sandwich them all, sewed  together and turn inside out and you are finished . It was soooooo much easier for me to understand than the Vogue pattern. I still want to make the previous pattern , but it is on the shelf for a later date. ~smile~

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