Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hi Tee Shirt

I am so very blessed in so many ways. Due to the virtual world I have discovered friends that would never been available to me any other way and I love them with all my heart. I had decided to make a tee shirt for one of my sons and I had seen little embroidery works on the pockets in the stores. I mentioned it to one of my virtual angels and she told me that she was Learning how to digitize and she would work me up something cute to stick on a pocket -then a little later she sent me this angel. I thought his little smiling face was so adorable that it made me smile every time I looked at it. I believe that love is what makes the world go round . I had a friend one time that told me  -"Love is a gift - I give it to you - you give it away and eventually it comes around full circle." I really love that idea and like to hold it close to my heart.

This shirt behaved like one of my kids -every time I thought I had it pegged - it changed its mind on me! I had seen shirts in the store and they had the two different lengths of sleeves.  SO , I got very brave and decided I would attempt to pull it off! And , WOULD you believe that it went perfect and I was very happy - UNTIL I stood back and looked at it????????????????????? I decided that it looked too feminine for a guys shirt and I went back and ripped out the long sleeve part and only left the short sleeve part. lol  It amazes me how our sewing projects take on a life of their own - sometimes good and sometimes not - but I do believe that no matter what -we always end up learning something.

While I was visiting today I ran across a neat link that has some free patterns and since I know a lot of you are quilters -there are some really nice ideas .I always love to stick my nose in somebody else's creativity! lol
Have fun one and all and let your creative spirits soar!   

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