Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This shirt turned out to be a very educational experience?

The fabric felt like a very light weight thermal  fabric? At first I thought of my sons, but after getting it home and washed and touched - it seemed too feminine? But , gosh - we females have to keep warm too???

So I have a sister-in-law who is a larger size and I wanted to err on the loose side - rather than the too snug size and this fabric definitely had some "give" to it!

I liked the blue color and I liked the stretch ability it had, but once It was all put together it took on a life of its own and tried to walk off her shoulders?? It seems to me that every fabric is like meeting a new friend -they each have their own personalities and their own abilities and they do not come with an instruction manual, so sometimes you just have to "wing it" and hope for the best. ~smile~

    For those of you still prowling for Christmas Ideas here is a link for a cute "snowman tote" that has a lot of possibilities ? I think the snowman is really sweet and you would not have to use felt - you could use any fabric or even add batting to make it fluffy -then change out the size to make it larger or smaller??? I just happen to love snowmen - no matter what size they are????????????? lol

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  1. Linda ~ Thank you for visiting my blog. You always leave such nice comments...

    I like the fabric used in your SIL's shirt. Sometimes the cut of the fabric will produce stretching where you don't want it. You may want to sew-in a piece of sewing tape into the shoulder seams to prevent stretching and maintain the shape.

    I'm working on a group challenge using a Christmas Carol theme. It's my first challenge like this and I'm hoping it goes well. LOL