Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another tee shirt for older son.

OOps - This is my little antique who likes to hang out with me in the sewing room. Her name is Pee Wee and we adopted her from the pound 18 years past. She is getting a little slower every day, but she has been a constant companion all these years and it is getting hard knowing I will lose her soon. I have never had a dog live as long as she has and this is a different lesson for me and her both.

The night I brought her home we all learned a valuable lesson. She has some kind of terrier in her background and they were used as ratters in the old days. So when hubby and myself went to bed we each found a dead guinea pig UNDER our pillows!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fainted!!!!!!!! Boy, I chewed Pee Wee out and I know I broke her little heart because she thought she was doing something so wonderful for us. Since then I have decided that all of us humans go through that lesson also, we try to do what we think is something that another will love-but we might have bad timing or the wrong color or just be plum off base- we are doing it out of love - but it just turns out wrong??? Well , Pee Wee and I ended up on great terms and she has NEVER hurt another animal in her lifetime- and some people think animals cannot understand us! LOL

I ended up with a piece of black knit that had  a LOT of stretch to it and it is very light-weight so I decided to make a tee shirt for my oldest son. I thought being black it would not show up dirt and stains and I embroidered the deer on it because sometimes he does deer hunt. He used to tell me that since he is the middle child that he got shortchanged  because the first child gets a Lot of attention because it is a new experience and the Last child gets a lot of attention - but he says the middle child does not get his share ! If that was true it was not my intention. Then I read a story about how the birth order falls really does affect our children! What a complicated world it can be sometimes????

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  1. Linda ~ Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I've been told by many how I don't look my age. But trust me, I have moments when I feel my age and more! LOL

    We rescued a Cairn Terrier from the Humane Society many years ago and he was the best pet I've ever had. He grew up with my children and it broke all of our hearts when we had to put him to sleep at the ripe old age of 17 because his body was giving out on him.