Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Boxer Briefs Man !

You know how "guys" are always SO difficult to try and buy presents for???? Why is that???? Is it because we have never walked in "their shoes"  or what? I always say that "guy toys" just seem to cost so much and I don't have it in my budget to run out and buy them a new Harley motorcycle OR a $1000.00 tool box Or a new helicopter for them to play with. SO -  - I get stumped. It's not that I don't love them with all my heart and am so honored that I have such wonderful "guys' in my life! So, what's a gal to do?????

One of my son's is a "Boxer" man - must take after my Daddy. I decided to venture into the world of boxers. I went to Walley World and took a gander at all the boxers. All sizes and colors and different fabrics and then I took a visit to the fabric store in town. I decided that I could get the red lightening fabric and give him a note saying how I thought he was like quicksilver or something corny - that only a MOM could get away with??? While I was there I ran across the yellow fabric in the discount bin  -and I was amazed-it was nice and soft and slick and felt so good to run it across my hands - so I decided to "go for it". I brought it and came home for my fist challenge of sewing a "slick fabric" . I pumped myself up for this challenge with "affirmations" of I can do this! This fabric will work great for me" You know - you get the picture. But, it must have helped and I did take Every Step nice and slow and easy and it seemed to flow that day. I must say I was quiet pleased with myself that day and ended up with two very different pairs of briefs that a Son could not find another pair like them - even if he tried. I did let the daydream pass through my head of becoming the new " men's underwear diva" who could create boxers that any man would love ???? Yea , right - I hear you laughing  - so maybe at least I was able to get a "shocked smile " out of one son on Christmas Day. After all that is what Christmas is for - I get to work all year and then "torment " my kids that one day and get away with it-  after all - I worked hard to raise them and I deserve a little fun! They know I love them! lol

I found another interesting place to visit that has some lovely quilting patterns and she has some lovely Christmas ideas and one of the cutest "yo-yo Santas" that I have ever seen.Here it is and a Merry Ho HO HO to each and all - I'm so sorry - I am getting excited about Christmas now and it brings out the naughty in me!


  1. Linda ~ Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I very much appreciate it.

    My grandsons love boxers. The crazier the pattern, the better. lol

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog . and WOW your boxers are great.. My hubby would love the flames He does have a harley and wants another MEN!!!!!! But really should I complain? How many sewing mchines do I have? Hmmmm 4 but only use 3 of them.hahaha