Thursday, October 22, 2009

This One's For You , Micki

Just a post or two back I mentioned that the mere thought of a zipper sent cold shivers of fear running down my spine -and Micki (from the Irish Muses) commented that she LOVED zippers! I was awe stuck! So, I decided since I could not just ship my jacket off to Micki' in Ireland for her to fix it - I had better grit my teeth and attempt to cut my old zipper out and put in a new one that would work. This jacket was one of my first few projects that I tackled and within a month's time Lynne had to cut me out of it one day. !

Since I loved this jacket I decided later that I would put a new zipper in????? (You know how the best laid plans are) Well, I did purchase a new zipper ! BUT! then last Christmas I needed a green zipper for the jacket I made for hubby and AFTER it was all created and wrapped and handed off to hubby - that I realized that way MY zipper that I had given away! LOL

So, here it is cool weather again - just perfect for my lite weight fleece jacket and the broken zipper was still in there! I wore it one day walking and realized it was not to comfortable HOLDING my jacket closed against the Fall winds  - so - I broke down and went to the store to get a zipper. Only to discover there were no GREEN zippers in town! BURRRRR - HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!! So, I caved in and bought the only Brown zipper that was the correct size!!!!!!!!!!

As I sent up prayers to my "sewing zipper angel" I carefully tore out the broken GREEN zipper and carefully laid in the new Brown zipper  - every stitch I took - I thought of Micki and pondered how it would be to Love to do zippers~ Well, IF I was as talented as she is - I might LOVE them too! LOL  Maybe that is why God gives us friends - To inspireUs!

So thanks to each and all that I share this virtual world with - I reguard each of you as so special because you enrich my world and I love visiting with each one -what a wonderful world we all share!

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