Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hoodies and Family

My daughter-in-law asked me to teach her how to sew "hoodies" because that was what she wanted to make for her kids for Christmas. I almost fainted from fear -talk about the pot calling the kettle black?????? I make every mistake in the book and here I am attempting to guide someone thru the process?????? I was really terrified and I did some heavy praying that I would not mislead her and waste her fabrics.My daughter-in-law is a very special young lady and when you are spending time with someone that you love -magical things can happen.Throw in a smart as a whip granddaughter and you get some icing on the cake. We did learn that not all fleece material is the same. We ended up with one piece that would fly in the air while she was attempting to cut it -that was a very wild fabric to attempt to tame down. The young one wanted a hoodie that related to her "racing hobby" and her Mom pulled it off really well. I think she has a natural talent and she ended up making 9 hoodies for her kids and nephews and nieces.
Ashley was kind enough to "model" the doggie print one made for her cousin. I did learn that gathering together to create something (whether it be quilts or clothing) anything you do with fabric is a wonderful day .And time does fly when you are having fun.

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  1. kCool hoodies! I've made a few in my day too.