Monday, August 17, 2009

Tribute to my horse that passed

This is a terrible picture of my beloved Appaloosa , Princess. In tribute to her I made me this shirt out of the fabric that decided to shrink more than I had guessed it would- but I still pulled off something that I can wear and send thoughts of love and appreciation for all the good years we shared together. My adoration of my animals has been a lifetime quality of mine.

I am sorry I did not post last night , but hubby and I had to go to W.VA. to rescue his sister and brother-in-law .They had gone out riding on their utility vehicle and it broke down on top of a mountain - the rear end came out. By the time they got it pulled in and hubby tore it apart and fixed it it was about 4am this morning before we came dragging in and I was numb with exhaustion. But I did think of my beloved blog buddies and send everybody good wishes until today.

When I discovered it was raining today I was thrilled that I could escape to my sewing room while hubby curled up in his recliner with his beloved TV and we were both happy. I pulled off 3 more Christmas presents also and I was quiet happy that I had made some progress. ~smile~

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