Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sewing Machine Potholders

While I was on my search for Christmas presents I was pondering what I could give my teaching friend? She can sew circles around me , but I wanted some way to show her that I was learning thanks to her , and I wanted something that she could use .

I know there are a million ways to make potholders and that is one of the things that makes them so special. I have seen so many beautiful ones that you "quilters" have come up with -thanks to all of your quilting patterns and I really love that idea also.

But when I ran across this remnant with the sewing machine on it - my eyeballs popped out and I thought this would be absolutely perfect.

I cut out the size I hoped would be ample and sewed right sides together along with a triple piece of old towels that had been cut to fit. That way I knew it would be soft and easy to manage while trying to wrap it around pot handles as I hate potholders that are too stiff to use . Then turned the pieces back right side out and top stitched around, plus some quilting to make everything stay in place. I think she really got a kick out of her dumbest student trying to express how much I love and appreciate her.


  1. Oh I don't think you are the dumbest I teach 2 of my old childhood friends and they do decently, but one is *slower* than the other and they are I love that print for the potholders. I have been on a kick with them too...Char