Monday, August 17, 2009

This is another one of my companions , her name is Midnight and my first granddaughter gave her to me when she was 8 years old. She is now 18 , so Midnight is 10 and fat and sassy. My granddaughter's father had given my granddaughter 2 kittens - both alike and that night they got in the trash can and the step-father throwed them out the door. The following morning one of the kittens was dead in the highway - so my granddaughter brought the last one to me and asked me to keep her so she would not get run over. That was 10 years ago - I just do not know where time gets to???? After you get out on your own and start paying bills it really pickes up. Next comes your family and it goes even faster as you attempt to keep up with them.

I always thought AFTER I got my family raised it would slow down , but so far EVERYBODY that I meet thinks it goes even faster. I am beginning to wonder if it is because we have lived long enough to figure out what we enjoy and so we plunge into it , making time fly even faster?

This is one of my next projects , which I thought took a lot of courage for me because I had not worked with many fabrics that were not knits and forgiving. This was one of the projects that I had seen Lynne do. She had showed it in class as an example of things you Could make for your personal wardrobe??? Yes, I fell madly in love with it, but never dreaming I would ever tackle it. But one day I worked up my courage and asked Lynne IF she would consider guiding me through it. It is a Vogue pattern # 7063 and I worked from size 16 , using suiting fabric that I REALLY liked. I knew I would love it so I worked on two different colors - just for the experience and hoping to cram this new knowledge into my wee little brain.

I was amazed how nicely it went together and with Lynne's help I even worked my way through Buttonholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was another one of those learning lessons that makes your heart just beat out of your chest - so it HAS to be good for your cardiac system!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That front fold on this project covers up your buttons and it ABSOLUTELY drives me nuts everytime I try it. For some reason my brain just does not accept it and it HATES me -probably because I think this is what makes the entire project so special , in my book.

The funny part of this lesson was that AFTER I had finished both shirts and was SO thrilled with myself - already imaging myself wearing them????? IT turned out that when I went to try them on they both were too SMALL!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked because Lynne is my size????? After some consideration - Lynne figured out that she had "customized " her pattern a couple of years EARLIER and forgot all about it! SO I am now the proud owner of two shirts that I really love that do not fit me! LOL


  1. Well, there's some incentive to drop a few pounds then! They are very nice shirts, it would be a shame if you ended up making them for your friend instead of yourself!

  2. Your friend is so cute...You did a great job on the shirts. They are really lovely! It's a shame that you can't wear them!