Saturday, August 22, 2009

More crochet

I will always love crochet - it is just my shoulder that does not. Sometimes I would just spend an hour looking at all my books and dreaming ?

I ran across the froggie rug and thought he was so cute - plus so usable and I love things that are usable. I made it for a dear friend of mine that lives in Tenn. and loves frogs too. After I finished with Mr. Froggie I got brave and decided to work on a piece of something that I would design so I laid out my plan to make my oldest son a set of truck mats. He is a Dodge fan and has a little Dodge pickup so I drawed the ram head on a piece of paper and then proceeded to "chart" how I would crochet it. I used triple threads to make it nice and stout and durable. While I was being brave I drawed the little vehicle and then turned it into a rug. I was very proud of myself for trying something that I had never done before. ~smile~