Monday, August 24, 2009

Cat Wallhanging

While I was on one of my Knit searches one day, I ran across this lovely cat flannel and I absolutely fell in love! Something about it just called to me and made me so happy just to run my fingers across it - but I was mystified about what I could do with it? Well, a wall-hanging came to my mind. Since it was a Christmasy theme I decided you could hang it on your door at the holiday to cheer everybody up. Then I thought of all my buddies and remembered a conversation I had with my animal control buddy ? I had said she mainly worked with dogs and she said , but she loved cats too and told me how her last one had gotten old and how hard she had worked to support him in his disabilities and how difficult it was to give him up. So, I decided this might cheer her up . I bought some batting and inserted and then did some quick quilting stitches and whoopee , I had a very festive piece of art, and had a fun time doing it since it was Mainly straight stitches or at least some "drunken" straight stitches because I still had not mastered perfectly straight stitches. That is a goal I am still striving for.