Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love crochet too

There must be something about us "creative types" that we just cannot help but "dabble" in all kinds of artistic endeavors.

When I was a little girl we had a neighbor that crocheted with threads and she attempted to teach me some of the steps to make a doily. I do remember it was with red threads and you went round and round . I got that part down and then went home to attempt some more roundy-rounds, only to discover that instead of a doily - it now resembled a cup as it curled up into the air? Well, she certainly could not take me to raise and my "crochet education" would have to wait until I was married and made friends with a gal who could crochet like lightening! I mean she could fly! So she put me on the crochet path and we made a little poodle that you inserted a can of Ajax cleaner into and I was now officially on my way. All those beautiful threads to tempt your appetite. There were so many wonderful projects to behold and one thing that I REALLY do LOVE about the crochet world is that there are patterns and inspirations Everywhere! But some of my favorite projects are things that you can actually USE! At one point I started cutting up those plastic grocery bags and making rugs out of them. One thing I learned about them was that DOGS absolutely adore them! I made them and gave a set of them to all my friends that had dogs and I just had to sit and laugh with delight as they would claim their new possession and not let anybody else near it - even down to my son's pit bulls! Plus they washed up so nicely.

I even worked on a beautiful lighthouse afghan for daughter-in-law #1 for a Christmas present . It was a wonderful project that you worked your lighthouse in the center and then filled small blocks all the way around it with smaller lighthouses. I started it in January and by June I had about given up hope of making it. It was just so time-consuming! Then I fell and broke all the bones in my leg and 3 bones in my ankle and I was "chair-bound"- so I pulled out that lighthouse project - knowing that this accident would be the only reason that project would get accomplished. I was so proud of it , but I told her that was a "once in a lifetime" gift. I would never tackle another one - I like fast items that you can get some satisfaction from - you know - that instant gratification??????????

So that is why these crocheted rag rugs turned out to be one of my favorite projects . Number one I LOVE butterflies and I love rugs - so it was a "Win-Win" project for me. I made them for Christmas presents and my only regret was that I didn't keep one for me. LOL

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  1. I can see why this project meant so much to you. It is gorgeous!